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7.4 QT Aluminum Pressure Cooker Nonstick, Explosion-Proof Fast Cooking Cookware, Large-Capacity High Pressure Pot for Electric Stovetop

7.4 QT Aluminum Pressure Cooker Nonstick, Explosion-Proof Fast Cooking Cookware, Large-Capacity High Pressure Pot for Electric Stovetop

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Aluminum Alloy 8QT Pressure Cooker
Why you choose our pressure cookers?

1. The capacity of the pressure cooker is 8QT . which can feed 4-6 people . which is enough for your family's daily use.
2. The pressure cooker is made of aluminum alloy . with a three-in-one composite bottom . which conducts heat quickly . saves energy and time.
3. Simple and safe to use . multiple security guarantees.
4. Ergonomic anti-scalding handle . non-slip . heat-resistant and not easy to corrode.
5. Pressure cooking preserves flavor and nutrition . and lean beef and pork are cooked tender and delicious
6. Applicable to various cooking utensils . such as induction cooker . gas stove . electric stove . etc.

【Pot Tips】
1. Before using the pressure cooker . you can apply a small amount of food oil to the joint between the pot body and the pot cover to facilitate the initial opening and closing.
2. Both food and water should not exceed three-quarters of the capacity of the pot . and water or soup should not be less than 400ML.
3. Before closing the cover . check whether the exhaust pipe is unblocked . the anti-blocking cover is clean . whether the safety valve is intact . whether the float valve moves up and down freely . and is in the falling position.
4. Precautions for opening the cover: no steam is discharged from the exhaust pipe . and the float valve is dropped . and the cover can be opened counterclockwise. If the float valve does not fall . it proves that there is still pressure in the pot. At this time . the air pressure interlock device will play the role of insurance . and the pot cover cannot be opened. Do not open the cover forcefully.
5. The normal service life of the apron of the pressure cooker is about two years. Generally . it can be replaced if it is broken or leaks.

【Eight layers of security】
Multiple guarantees to eliminate potential safety hazards . you can buy and use with confidence
1. Safe opening of the lid-humanized handle design . safe and firm . with stronger anti-skid and heat resistance.
2. Safely close the cover-sealing rubber ring to prevent the gas from ejecting during use.
3. Intimate self-locking valve - there will be a "click" sound when the lid is opened and closed . indicating that it is locked and ready to use.
4. Safety pressure limiting valve - double safety device . a new type of automatic stop . the pot cannot be opened until the pressure is released.
5. Safety anti-blocking cover - there is an anti-blocking cover at the bottom of the exhaust pipe . which can filter rice residue and prevent the exhaust pipe from being blocked.
6. Increase the design of the safety valve - the blockage of the exhaust pipe exceeds the safety limit . and the safety valve will sound an alarm.
7. Pressure relief safety window - when no one is on duty . the safety window will immediately release pressure as the bottom protection barrier.
8. U-shaped pot bottom-heats evenly . is physically non-stick . safe and non-toxic . and durable.

100% Brand New and High Quality
Product Name: Aluminum Alloy Composite Bottom Pressure Cooker
Material: aluminum alloy
Feature: Uncoated pan
Weight: 5.11lb
Bottom material: three-layer composite bottom pot bottom
Depth: 9.44 in
Capacity: 7L
Applicable stove: universal
Surface technology: polishing

packing list:
Pot cover*1
Pot body*1
Steamed slice*1
Accessory bag*1

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